Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Health, Harmony and Happiness Retreat at Marmaris

I was the house guest of Guray and Elif in 2013 and enjoyed their kind hospitality. During those couple of days, I got to know them a little and we talked about the possibility of doing a weekend retreat in the summer of 2014. Lo and behold, I start this year’s tour with this event.
More than the event itself, the 3 days at Marmaris were beautiful in the company of Guray, Elif and Hayal, their beautiful daughter. Hayal started speaking English and I cherish the conversations I had with her. A visit to Hayal’s school and seeing her perform in the event for parents was one of the highlights. Elif’s mother was also there along with a friend of hers and together gave me a taste of the famed-Turkish cuisine with so much love and affection. It was fabulous experience to be with this family of three generations and learn from their ‘being’.
The attendance at the retreat was a breakdown. Despite that, it was a very enriching and enjoyable event, particularly because Guray also took part in all the sessions. I am so happy and grateful to Guray to have made all this happen. We need to rethink the strategy for 2015 and beyond to make it viable and sustainable.

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