Saturday, September 27, 2014

Stress Management Workshop at Arka, Auroville

It is interesting that after 7 year and more than 100 workshops in Auroville, this is a new venue for me and a new kind of group- a group of Chinese visitors. Lijun met me a few months ago and we had a  very interesting discussion to do workshops for groups from China.  I enjoyed the meeting with err and was excited about the opportunity to work with groups from China. This event was culminating instance for the meeting.
Lijun not only organized the event but she also was the translator. She had a good rapport with the group and added positive energy to the event, leading to a very highly participative event. I found that the interaction and questions from this group was one of the highest in translated events. I felt very satisfied and happy and am grateful to the group and Lijun.

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