Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wellbeing Workshop at Life Education Center

This is the first time I have conducted a program for the whole school. It is also the first program in which all participants were women and girls.

The Life Education Centre (LEC) is an Auroville outreach school, providing an on-going program for vocational training for semi-educated girls between the ages of 14-21 from Indian villages. I am grateful to Harini, who has been running LEC over a decade, for giving me an opportunity to offer a Wellbeing workshop at LEC. The school is very charming and the ambience is serne, exuding aspiration and sincerity. Martha, the Founder of LEC, lives in Canada. She was in Auroville this week and it was wonderful to have her participation.

What touched me and inspired me in LEC is the oneness between the teachers and the students. They are more like a family rather than an educational institution. The sessions were very well received and I am hopeful that the workshop would positively impact the wellbeing of the participants. I am particularly happy that LEC is considering practicing Pranayama everyday as a group.

Jolly Jan and Fabulous Feb 2011

I am slipping into an unconscious state about the blog. The postings are drifting farther and farther apart and I am not mindful about the insidious damage. Thanks to a friend, I woke up and would syn up on this.

The New Year eve was very special as my elder daughter and her husband were visiting on the eve. The year started with a bang – Personal Growth lab part 1 at IIM, Indore form 4th Jan. Thanks to Prof. Ganesh and Prof. Srinivas, I could also offer a 7 session Wellbeing workshop to the Faculty, Staff and their families.

I got back to Bangalore for a quiet Pongal and reached my base station of Auroville to offer my core program of Wellbeing at Sri Aurobindo World Center for Human Unity (SAWCHU).

Feb was one of the most fulfilling months for me as I offered a record 8 programs in this month – the highest in any month after I started on this path. I can only list them now, as describing them would be like some sort of an essay. I did the part 2 of Personal Growth Lab for the Post Graduate Program as well as a follow up for the Well Being. Then I hopped over to Bombay where a close friend of mine and his wife (who attended a two pram of Being Well at Auroville) arranged two workshops at his residence. The first was” Stress Management” which was attended mostly by expatriates and the other is “Boost your Productivity”. Then I went back to Indore for part 3 of Personal Growth Lab for the Post Graduate Program and also had the opportunity to do a session for senior Defense Service Officers. Then, I returned to Bangalore for a two day “Stress Management Workshop” for GMR and onward to Auroville for the seven session Well Being workshop. This workshop coincided with the week-long Celebrations of Mother’s Birthday and Auroville Birthday. During this week, Auroville air is full of goodwill and the atmosphere is festive. This made this event very special for me. I enjoyed the event that very much and am very grateful to offer the opportunity of offering it.