Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stress Management Workshop for GPCL, Chennai

When I agreed to do this workshop in a Power Factory, I was expecting a lot of noise and not an exemplary campus. What I saw was stunning. The campus was just beautiful and given that it is the second largest diesel power plant in the world, the noise was surprisingly low. In fact, when all the doors of the generator room are closed, you hear the water flow form cooling tower. The plant does not consume any water - it purifies sewage water and use it for cooling. The sight of the engines was awesome - biggest engines I ever saw.
The vent was fantastic. The participation was great! The measurable result at the end of the workshop is a stunning 98.8%. Most of the participants have done the Isha Foundation workshop and may be the foundation was very good.
In the excitement , I forgot to take the pictures of this extraordinary event.

Wellbeing workshop

This was a very strange event for me. There was no one , yes no one for the first session. No one.

I felt a huge disappointment  and then let it go. There was some debate about this amongst my friends in Auroville and the general opinion is that people were still grappling with the aftermath of the cyclone.  You can see the picture of my room, the same morning I started the workshop.

Well, the next day a couple of my friends showed up and slowly more people joined. In the end, I enjoyed the event as much as any other event.

It was a good learning experience for me. One of those practical lessons to learn that "It is not over till it is over"

Heal yourself workshop

This is another get together that I had the fortune to attend; with in one month of my college GT. This time it is my Navy Technical Officers Batch of 1970. I have lost touch with most of my class mates but the Navy is a very small and close knit world. And the batch mates are one of the most precious and enduring gifts that I got from the Navy.  We all joined the Navy in July 1970 and went through the trials and tribulations of ragging, adjusting to the service life, wearing uniforms and a vast amount of training - before we could really start breathing as Naval Officers. So, a bond formed more than 40 years ago and the bond became stronger as we worked together, played together, partied together and laughed together. Then, we started getting married and thanks to the wonderful traditions of the Navy, the ladies strengthened the bond and even created new bonds and network connections. So, it is like a strong, well-knit family.
I had the good luck ( and some sense) to suggest a  GT on the occasion of our 40th commissioning anniversary and it was an instant success; thanks to the bonds and the joy of reunion. The annual GT was born out of that unforgettable event and we now recreate such opportunity every year to meet and regale in the joy of getting together with such dear friends.

 This is along introduction to a short workshop that my dear friends asked me to conduct. The venue was the beautiful Vishranti Guest House on top of the hill called Dolphin's Nose, in Vizag. The  view form the hill is just magnificent and you could get lost just looking at the pristine , cobalt blue Bay of Bengal in the glorious sun shine, breathing the ozone charged sea air with which I connected at the biological level of the memory in the cells. The pictures say it all and more.
 So, I was thrilled that my friends gave me this opportunity  to share with them. The opportunity also carried a responsibility with it as Intended to create value for them. After considerable thinking, I chose the topic of self - healing as it could be very beneficial to all my friends who already celebrated their 60th birthday and the ladies are about to so so ( I wont say when, in the best traditions of the Navy).
 This is such a simple, but powerful and magical process that could be beneficial to any one but could be very valuable to people who are above 60 in dealing with  the aches and pains that become part of growing beyond 60.

So, we had this extraordinary event (at least for me) and what a joy it is to share it with my extended family. Not just a joy, it was privilege and moments like this give make me feel so grateful for the opportunity of being the one who shared this with people who are so dear to me.

I look forward to the bigger gift of my friends practicing it and getting benefited.