Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yet another Wellbeing Workshop

I tell myself often that I must have faith and keep going and do what I am doing with enthusiasm. Sometimes, I do wonder, whether what I do is really contributing to my vision of ‘a human race that is aware, healthy, happy and harmonious’ and mission ‘to spread awareness in individuals, communities, organizations and societies through a set of programs’. Once in a while, I get feedback from the people who attended the programs and suddenly it redoubles my commitment and enthusiasm. This workshop was one such instance. I invite people who have attended an earlier workshop to the last two sessions (this is a one week program), participate and if they like, to share their experience. To hear six people share their experience was music to my ears and manna from Heaven. I am grateful for the opportunity of offering these workshops and contributing to the Wellbeing of people. So, it is not and will never be ' Yet Another Workshop'.
I bought a new camera (as the old one refuses to come out of its trance). I like these pictures as the participants appear to be blessed with Divine Grace in the form of streaks of golden sunshine