Monday, March 21, 2016

Auroville workshops

Ah! One more visit t Auroville and this time in February - the month of goodwill and celebrations in Auroville. I was very happy to meet so many friends not only Auroville but all those who visit Auroville in February, form all over the world. So, it was great meeting the many friends from AVI who so generously hosted me in my travels and helped me in my mission to spread health, harmony and happiness, It was very nice meeting them in Auroville, the fountainhead of my mission. I was so happy to see the network spreading its reach in Auroville and we have begun the work on the pilot project to connect homes. I am grateful to the team for all the work and the help and cooperation form so many people. The icing on teh cake was to offer a meditation workshop at Savitri Bhavan and Pranayama workshop at Unity Pavilion. The Pranayama workshop is the largest ever I have done in Auroville! I left with heart full of joy and gratitude and look forward to the next visit.

Workshops at IIM, Bangalore

This is the third year in a row that I am fortunate to have the opportunity to offer Good Health workshop and Stress Management workshops at IIM, Bangalore. The proximity of IIM to my home adds more ease and grace for the events I do at IIM. It is beautiful campus and I love the ambience of this institute. I also find the participants to be more interested and spontaneous in their interactions. This year, it was even more so and I started a new blog called "Wellth Management" . The pictures and pot can be seen at

Workshops at Auroville

After shifting from Auroville as a place of residence, this was my first visit to the place where I discovered the purpose of my life in spreading health, happiness and harmony. The optical fiber network project is going great, thanks to Chandresh, Manu, Dyuman and others who have formed a well-knit, professional and quality conscious  team. It was great meeting the many friends and I felt grateful and happy for the opportunity of offering two workshops: Meditation for inner peace and Wellbeing workshop. I am sharing a couple of pictures.
I do look forward to more visits and being connected with Auroville - at various levels

and layers.

Integral Development Lab at Van Niwas, Niainital for IIMI

This was the 6th IDL that I conducted and one of the most interesting and exciting experiences for me. The sixth one in a row,! It all began with the seed sown by Prof. Ravichandran , The Director of IIMI. I designed and planned the program alone but Prof. Srnivas joining me to conduct the first program was a great thing. For me, his friendship was one of the most rewarding outcomes and for IIMI, the scaling up he has done to create the out-bound learning program is history.
Over the period of six years, IDL matured into a valuable program for the students and a rewarding opportunity for me to be with a new group in the incredible foot-hills of Himalayas . This year was special because my wife joined me and we visited Haridwar and Rishikesh on the way.It was wonderful meeting Sri Nalinji and his marvelous team
It is always fun to do a week-long program for a new, young group. As the other groups are purely oriented as Adventure, the students want more fun and les of development. That means my personal contribution content is coming down and along with the opportunity for my own growth is diminishing. So, I am opting out of this program next year onwards. What I would miss most is the Ashram, Nalinji and the Himalyas. All the same it is time to move-on and open up the space for new adventures.