Friday, February 28, 2014

Well being Workshop at Unity Pavilion , Auroville

Though this is the 62nd Pranayama workshop I have done in Auroville, it is a ‘first’ in a couple of ways. It is the first one planned for the delegates of Auroville International meeting. Auroville International (AVI) is a worldwide network set up with the aim of supporting the Auroville International Township in India. Founded in 1983, Auroville International today has member associations and liaison groups in 31 countries around the world. AVI holds an annual meeting with world-wide participation and the meeting is held in Auroville every alternate year. I am very happy and grateful to be connected, in a small way, with the AVI 2014 meeting. In the spirit of Auroville, the workshop was open to one and all - not exclusive for AVI delegates. However, to suit the schedule of the meetings, the workshop is tailored to 3 sessions, instead of the usual 5 sessions. This is the other aspect that makes it different.  I am really happy and grateful for this opportunity because I received lots of affection and kind hospitality form so many people connected with AVI in my tour of USA and Europe in 2013 that it was a privilege to give back something to AVI. I am once again planning to be in USA and Europe this summer and am planning three session Pranayama workshops and this was a good rehearsal form me on the home-turf.  I am thankful to Vani and all the AVI members to have given me this opportunity.
The workshop venue was Unity Pavilion of Auroville. Unity Pavilion has emerged as the hub of activities and programs aimed at actual manifestation of Human Unity. It is wonderful space and it is pleasure to hold the workshop in such a great space. Jerry and Jaya have been very supportive in helping me with the space and logistics, despite the tight and extended programs during this period. Three sessions was a little short and I had to exceed my normal speed limit a couple of times. I need to look into this matter and see how to make the sessions in Europe better, especially when translation is needed.
It was very heartening to reconnect with many of those who offered their hospitality to me so generously, while I was in USA and Europe in the summer of 2013. I loved the experience and I am grateful to everyone who helped in making the event to happen and all those who participated.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fulfil your dreams workshop at AVIT, Vinayaka Nagar, TN

I had the pleasure of meeting Prof. Vasudevan, Dean, AVIT   in 2011 at IIM, RAK, UAE. He was also part of Global Education Mission, who partnered with IIM,I in the pioneering initiative in conducting the MBA course at RAK, UAE and was overseeing this new initiative. He was interested in the Personal Growth Lab I was teaching and I was very happy that eh chose to attend the morning pranayama sessions and many other sessions whenever he could. We stayed in the same hotel and he was kind to take me around in the new place. I enjoyed his company and friendship sprung between us. We kept in touch and recently, he came over to Auroville along with a couple of his colleagues and invited me to do a workshop for the PG (MCA & MBA) students of AVIT. I was happy and grateful for the opportunity that came my way and thought a lot about an appropriate workshop. I am thankful to the many inputs and helpful guidance Prof. Vasudevan in my efforts.
We settled on “Fulfil your dreams” as the name of the workshop. Its roots are in another workshop I did in Jan 2013 and I am happy with the way it shaped up. The workshop focused on the importance of personal vision and mission in one’s life. I took the example of Dr Govindappa Venkataswamy (Dr. V) of Arvind as it would be easier for the students to connect with his early life and be inspired by what is possible. The workshop emphasized the need to develop the inner resources to fulfil the dreams and the importance of keeping the dreams alive. I chose examples from the lives of Mahatama Gandhi, Dr V etc and also interspersed it with some aspects of my own life to generate inspiration, belief and confidence in fulfilling their dreams. The time was short but I think we made a good beginning and planted the seeds. I am very happy with the participation of the students and grateful to the presence of Prof. Vasudevan and many faculty members of AVIT during the workshop.
I look forward to more such opportunities.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Wellbeing Workshop at Savitri Bhavan

YAWW. Yet Another Wellbeing Workshop. As I shared earlier, each workshop is unique. It is somewhat analogous to rivers. All rivers are rivers but each river is unique. Like each unique river that has its specific contours and flow, each workshop has its unique set of participants and flows in its unique fashion.  Like all rivers reach the sea, all workshops have the goal of sharing Pranayama so that the unique set of participants join the sea of Yoga Practitioners. Yoga is Union with the Devine. Blessed am I to have the opportunity to share Pranayama and be an instrument for more practitioners to find their way to the se of Yoga.  I am happy and immensely grateful for this opportunity and my Sadhana is to be conscious of this privilege and source my being and doing form this consciousness. I am deeply grateful to every participant for creating this opportunity for me.
Thus, each workshop is Yet Another Event for more to join the Sea of Yoga.
As to the workshop itself, I would like to cherish some of the highlights and inspiring moments. There were many who have been practicing and came for a refresher. C is experiencing higher levels of energy. J (please the earlier blog post) was there and he is getting better and better every day. H has found relief form her shoulder and neck conditions. And, Syamala and Varadharajan were there. I feel enthused, encouraged and inspired with the benefits people are generating with the practice of Pranayama.
One of the memories I would cherish is the smile of Devasmita. Devasmita means Devine Smile.  And her smile is so radiant that she is her name! May she be blessed to spread that smile in the hearts of all around her and radiate it into the very atmosphere of Auroville.