Monday, February 3, 2014

Wellbeing Workshop at Savitri Bhavan

YAWW. Yet Another Wellbeing Workshop. As I shared earlier, each workshop is unique. It is somewhat analogous to rivers. All rivers are rivers but each river is unique. Like each unique river that has its specific contours and flow, each workshop has its unique set of participants and flows in its unique fashion.  Like all rivers reach the sea, all workshops have the goal of sharing Pranayama so that the unique set of participants join the sea of Yoga Practitioners. Yoga is Union with the Devine. Blessed am I to have the opportunity to share Pranayama and be an instrument for more practitioners to find their way to the se of Yoga.  I am happy and immensely grateful for this opportunity and my Sadhana is to be conscious of this privilege and source my being and doing form this consciousness. I am deeply grateful to every participant for creating this opportunity for me.
Thus, each workshop is Yet Another Event for more to join the Sea of Yoga.
As to the workshop itself, I would like to cherish some of the highlights and inspiring moments. There were many who have been practicing and came for a refresher. C is experiencing higher levels of energy. J (please the earlier blog post) was there and he is getting better and better every day. H has found relief form her shoulder and neck conditions. And, Syamala and Varadharajan were there. I feel enthused, encouraged and inspired with the benefits people are generating with the practice of Pranayama.
One of the memories I would cherish is the smile of Devasmita. Devasmita means Devine Smile.  And her smile is so radiant that she is her name! May she be blessed to spread that smile in the hearts of all around her and radiate it into the very atmosphere of Auroville.

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