Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pranayama Workshop at New Era Secondary School

One of my goals is to expand my work to reach younger people. The aim behind this goal is that. If youngsters take up the practice of Pranayma , the results would be astounding. A new opportunity came when Selvaraj met me with an invitation to do a workshop for New Era Secondary School (NESS). 
NESS is an outreach higher secondary school  that has adopted CBSE syllabus. Selvaraj is a local person who became an Aurovilian  and is one of the founders of NESS. He attended the Pranayama workshop a couple of times and decided to invite me. One of the unexpected benefits of accepting this invitation was getting to know Selvaraj  (albeit, only a little bit). It is inspiring to hear his journey and how he has transformed his life and created a platform to transform the lives of the village children.
The workshop itself was pleasure to conduct and it was further enhanced by the participation of the teachers.  My experience is that the students liked the practice and I hope that the teachers would practice and help the children to practice it. I am happy and grateful to Selvaraj for giving this opportunity.

Yoga Nidra Session for Auroville Tamilnadu Workshop on the Siddhi Day of Sri Aurobindo

 Tamil heritage Center  and Arul Vazhi Education Centre jointly conduct workshops for participants from the towns in Tamil Nadu . The objective is to give them an experience of Auroville, which includes meditation at Matri Mandir and sessions on Integral Yoga and the teachings of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.  The events are organized about once a quarter.
I am fortunate that Shri Varadarajan gives me an opportunity to share at these workshops, even though I don’t speak Tamil.  In this session, I conducted Yoga Nidra session and Shri Rajagopalan translated into Tamil.  What is inspiring to me is that many families as a whole participate in it and it is wonderful that the parents are giving this kind of exposure to their children. Nowadays, it is rare to see children brought up with roots in the cultural heritage and spiritual heritage of India – the country with one of the richest history and heritage.
I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of these wonderful events on a very significant occasion.