Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wellness Retreat 15-17 December 09

This is the first `Wellness’ retreat offered by one. The idea was to combine `Wellbeing’ with Emotional freedom and Letting Go of the Past to create an event focused on Wellness. The event was organized in the Integral Learning Centre of Verite. I love this venue; its beauty and simplicity appeal to me and it is a very quiet place – ideal for a gathering intent on inner work.

I am very happy that Shirley participated in this retreat. At 79, she is the oldest person in any of the full day (or more) programs I facilitated. She has a special place in my heart – in February 2008, she opened up a new path in my spiritual journey by asking me to read the draft of her book ‘White Heart’. I am celebrating the first copy of this book with a beautiful cover came out during this retreat. It is a privilege to have Shirley’s presence and participation in the workshop and I feel amazed and inspired by her enthusiastic and energetic participation. I am grateful to each and every one of the participants for the opportunity of offering this retreat.

I have an insight in facilitating this event. Wellness is not only natural but it is the birthright of all living beings- the experience of being whole, complete and perfect. And gateway to ONENESS. I am inspired by a world of Wellness leading to Oneness.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Compassionate Communication Workshop for WAN at CISCO

This was an event with many ‘first-ever’. First Compassionate Communication workshop in a Company and I used a lap top for the first time to facilitate a program. It was also the first ‘all women event’, for the core group of Women’s Action Network (WAN) at CISCO. WAN’s vision is “to contribute to the strategic effort to enhance Cisco's success in attracting, developing and retaining talented women employees”. When I heard that part form professional initiatives, WAN also has started many community initiatives such as girls in technology, adopting charities focused on education, I felt very enthused and happy because my needs for inspiration and meaning have been met.
I was very excited about this workshop rights from the word go. At the same time I felt apprehensive, mostly about the short time and my need to make the program useful for the participants. I was trying to condense the workshop into 5 hours and in reality we had less that 4 and a half hours. I felt extremely pleased that we could establish the basic concepts and bring clarity to the purpose of NVC and how it can be applied to all aspects of life. I feel gratitude to the participants for their cooperation and active participation in accomplishing this goal within the precious time available. My need to share and spread NVC consciousness has been fully met.  I also mourn the lack of time to do more exercises/ease for more discussions and sharing to deepen NVC consciousness.
The synchronicity behind this event is quite amazing to me. I met Tracy in Auroville in a workshop facilitated by Tewa and Jivan. Radhika attended one of the workshops in Bangalore facilitated by me and she told me that Tracy shared about NVC and she was inspired to attend the workshop. Radhika coordinated this event and made it happen in collaboration with Vidhya and Priyanaka. I really enjoyed meeting Radhika after a long time and reconnecting with her.
I am grateful to Radhika, Vidhya, Priyanka and Tracy and the core team of WAN for the opportunity to plant NVC seeds. I can visualize these seeds germinating, growing, blooming and bearing fruits not only within WAN and CISCO but also spreading to the many communities outside through the outreach initiatives. What a gift this event is for me in my mission to spread awareness in individuals, communities, organizations and societies.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stress Management at Locuz Networks, Hyderabad

Another event in Hyderabad, the popular Stress Management workshop. Stress appears to be pervasive and I am grateful to the opportunity to offer ways and means of dealing with stress. The Telangana Bandh (strike) was not very helpful. I do wish those who want their goals to be known more widely would find other ways to express them than disrupting public transportation system, schooling and commerce, causing an enormous amount of hardship to many people. I feel irritated and sad as my need for respecting the choice of other people and their convenience is not met.
Based on Swaitha’s inputs, I agreed to do a two hour workshop. My experience is that two hours is inadequate and I feel disappointed that I could not convey all that I would have liked to. I am celebrating the event, but also mourn the shortage of time.
I am grateful to Mr. Uttam Majumdar and Ms. Sawitha for the opportunity to share stress management with a group who were keen on managing  stress in their lives. It was also wonderful to meet the top management team consisting of Mr. Vijay and Mr. Durga part from Mr. Uttam to discuss ICITI project

Stress Management Workshop at NIC, Hyderabad

This event has many, many first-ever: Hyderabad, Government Organization, Video conference with many other locations, my niece, her husband and their son present –spanning three generations of my family!
I enjoyed every bit of it. The imposing building, the well laid out interiors, the pleasant ambiance and some great infrastructure to link the 24 districts of Andhra Pradesh using video conference. The workshop, in my experience, went very well and I am celebrating the wonderful energy I sensed in the participants not only in Hyderabad, but also those linked via video conference. It is a very delightful experience to conduct a guided mediation over video conference! The questions were very, very interesting and challenging. I am grateful to Dr. Prakasa Rao for making this event happen and Sri BV Sarma, DDG & SIO for the opportunity and all those present for their participation. I am excited about the request for a full day workshop and I keenly look forward to more such opportunities.