Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stress Management Workshop at NIC, Hyderabad

This event has many, many first-ever: Hyderabad, Government Organization, Video conference with many other locations, my niece, her husband and their son present –spanning three generations of my family!
I enjoyed every bit of it. The imposing building, the well laid out interiors, the pleasant ambiance and some great infrastructure to link the 24 districts of Andhra Pradesh using video conference. The workshop, in my experience, went very well and I am celebrating the wonderful energy I sensed in the participants not only in Hyderabad, but also those linked via video conference. It is a very delightful experience to conduct a guided mediation over video conference! The questions were very, very interesting and challenging. I am grateful to Dr. Prakasa Rao for making this event happen and Sri BV Sarma, DDG & SIO for the opportunity and all those present for their participation. I am excited about the request for a full day workshop and I keenly look forward to more such opportunities.


  1. Class is good and interactive.
    I am giving my opnion,
    In astanga yoga 5 th Step is meditation. Before starting meditation every one should learn yama-niyama, asana or stretches or sukhama vayam, pranyanam it gives best result.
    As per my experience one should learn at least pranayanam and lagu asanas then body prepares for meditation.

    I am regularly practicing 3-4 hours 40yoga asanasa , pranayanam ,reiki II , charkas healing ,charkas mediation and kundalni yoga.

    Jan 2004 I developed Electrical hypersensitivity (allergic to electrical equipment and towers). at present 90% cured.

  2. Good Wishes to you Capt. J.V.Avadhanulu garu,

    I was delited to attend your lecture on STRESS MANAGEMENT, presented very professionally, clearly explaning the causes and symtoms of STRESS. We really enjoyed the techniques and excercise of STRESS MANAGEMENT, which would surely help us to manage stress in our daily life. We appreciated your dedication and committment to help individuals, organisations and insitutions with you valuable advise and a clear direction towards enjoying a HOLISTIC LIFE filled with PEACE, HAPPINESS AND JOY. I Would happy to attend your lecture whenever you are in Hyderabad, and recommand everyone to attend your class which are very essential and useful to have a healthy and peaceful life.
    Wishing you all the best and hope to meet again, with warm regards,
    John Peter (

  3. Dear Mr. Shivaram, Thank you for your feedback and communicating your opinion.
    I am very happy to hear that you practice yoga for 3-4 hours a day and I am inspired. I am glad that your health problem is cured.
    Yes, Meditation is the 5th stage of Raja yoga.
    In the context of the workshop at NIC, my suggestion was to practice meditation for about 15 minutes as a stress buster and first step to awareness. Once someone starts such practice, the path unfolds as needed by each one of us- a unique individual.
    As I mentioned, the session at NIC was an abbreviated version of one day stress management workshop. For more about my work, please see URL.

  4. Your lecture on ' Stress Management' was very inspiring, friendly , interactive and quite helpful. I am thankfull for our SIO Sh. B.V. Sarma garu and Dr. Prakasarao garu for making this happen in NIC.
    You have projected yourself as a proof that by making meditation and few simple exerces in daily routine, one can lead a peacefull and healthy life.
    I hope and look forward to attend detailed lecture and workshop by you in future.

    Swarnalatha (

  5. Thank you, Ms. Swarnalatha. I feel delighted to read your comments as I value feedback.
    I would be happy to offer a full day or two day workshop. However, you need not wait for that! You could start deriving benefits by practicing short breaks once an hour and deep relaxation and meditation once day. I would be fulfilled and satisfied if you practice and enjoy stress-free life.