Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wellness Retreat 15-17 December 09

This is the first `Wellness’ retreat offered by one. The idea was to combine `Wellbeing’ with Emotional freedom and Letting Go of the Past to create an event focused on Wellness. The event was organized in the Integral Learning Centre of Verite. I love this venue; its beauty and simplicity appeal to me and it is a very quiet place – ideal for a gathering intent on inner work.

I am very happy that Shirley participated in this retreat. At 79, she is the oldest person in any of the full day (or more) programs I facilitated. She has a special place in my heart – in February 2008, she opened up a new path in my spiritual journey by asking me to read the draft of her book ‘White Heart’. I am celebrating the first copy of this book with a beautiful cover came out during this retreat. It is a privilege to have Shirley’s presence and participation in the workshop and I feel amazed and inspired by her enthusiastic and energetic participation. I am grateful to each and every one of the participants for the opportunity of offering this retreat.

I have an insight in facilitating this event. Wellness is not only natural but it is the birthright of all living beings- the experience of being whole, complete and perfect. And gateway to ONENESS. I am inspired by a world of Wellness leading to Oneness.


  1. hey keep doing good work...
    take care....

  2. Thank you. I appreciate the encouragement I received from your message.