Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stress Management at Locuz Networks, Hyderabad

Another event in Hyderabad, the popular Stress Management workshop. Stress appears to be pervasive and I am grateful to the opportunity to offer ways and means of dealing with stress. The Telangana Bandh (strike) was not very helpful. I do wish those who want their goals to be known more widely would find other ways to express them than disrupting public transportation system, schooling and commerce, causing an enormous amount of hardship to many people. I feel irritated and sad as my need for respecting the choice of other people and their convenience is not met.
Based on Swaitha’s inputs, I agreed to do a two hour workshop. My experience is that two hours is inadequate and I feel disappointed that I could not convey all that I would have liked to. I am celebrating the event, but also mourn the shortage of time.
I am grateful to Mr. Uttam Majumdar and Ms. Sawitha for the opportunity to share stress management with a group who were keen on managing  stress in their lives. It was also wonderful to meet the top management team consisting of Mr. Vijay and Mr. Durga part from Mr. Uttam to discuss ICITI project


  1. Dear Mr. JV, I would on behalf all attendees express sincere gratitude for the time you spent with us conducting the workshop. It was an enriching experience for all. I did find people in the office on the next day stretching and doing parts of those little exercises you trained us. Seems this is going to go a long way with us at Locuz. It will be extremely helpful that more and more people get an opportunity to be part of such workshops by you. I am more than keen to now do one longer program for our entire team during one of our annual gatherings. Thanks again! Uttam

  2. Dear Mr. Majumdar, Thank you for the gift of your feedback. I am thrilled to know that the Locuz team is prcatcing stress busters!
    I would be more than happy to offer a longer program during teh annual gatherings of Locuz.

  3. Dear Mr JV, It was an excellent introduction to "Innerself". In the available short time it was a resourceful dossier on "How to manage stress / self". It was my first participation in such workshop, I am sure the kind of positive attitude I developed on these concepts would take me a long way and help me live better. Thank you once again.

  4. Dear JV,
    I had gone thru some of the concepts shared by you in Deepak Chopra's book 'Ageless Body, Timeless Mind'. But it was only theoritical. Experiencing them practically was a wonderful feeling. I also realise that 2 hrs was not at all sufficient, and will plan to attend your full course in future, either here or in Pondicherry. Thank you once again for sharing your valuable time and knowledge with Locuz team.

  5. Dear Uttam, thank you for introducing Mr.JV and also for the opportunity to gain benefit from his workshop.

    Mr.JV, it was really nice to be part of the workshop. I personally believe in meditation and the power of inner strength. Tips given by you are very useful and look forward to attend more.

    Have a nice day.

  6. Dear Mr. Srini Chada, Mr. Vijay Wadhi and Ms. Archana, I am delighted to see the feedback / comments form you and I am grateful. Each communication is a gift for my inner growth and I value the feedback immensely.
    I wish you days full of joy,happiness and peace.