Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Presentations on ‘Reinventing Yourself’- M4 (PGL, IIMI)

This module was an opportunity for the participants to reinvent themselves and present their new vision and mission. Wow, it was one of the most inspiring, satisfying and fulfilling experiences for me to listen to the vision and the value that the participants created in PGL. Thank you!

Stress Management workshop at GMR

The event was organized by the Training and Development Division of GMR for 28 middle level Mangers of GMR.

The participation and interactions were a source of joy for me and I would remember this workshop for a long, long time. I am grateful to the participants and the Training and Development Division of GMR for arranging the event.

My experience in facilitating Stress Management Workshops gives me a sense of the acute stress most people appear to be going through and I am grateful for the opportunity to share some tools and techniques to manage stress.

I forgot my Camera and regret that there are no pictures of this extraordinary event.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Communication – Module 3 (PGL, IIMI)

We tried out an interesting experiment in this Module. It is based on a concept that I have been thinking  for some time. Many people think of communication as what we talk to others (and perhaps to oneself) and as a result many communication courses deal with the form and content. My concept is that the source of communication is who you are being. Communications include the way we relate to the Earth, Environment,  values and vision for your life. I tried this out in the communication module and my sense was that it was very well received. It was very interesting and inspiring experience for me and I am grateful to all the participants.

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The academic block of IIMI is in an annular shape and very pretty. I am sharing a couple of pictures.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Technical Project at Auroville

When I came to Auroville, I had no intention to work in technical areas. But, I saw an opportunity to contribute in developing the approach to ICT in Auroville, I decided to go for it. I saw it as a way of expressing my gratitude for the education given to me: by my parents, teachers, the places I worked and the society. It is a bold approach with many new concepts such as convergence of fixed and mobile communications, controlling electromagnetic pollution, eco-friendliness, creating a sustainable bioregion ..... . It culminated in a presentation at Auroville on 29th Jan. We call it ICITI (like iphone)Integrated Communication & IT Infrastructure.

If it interests you to know more about it, click on

or click on
 and look for the artcile "Integrated Communication & IT Infrastructure"

Freedom - Personal Growth Lab Course at IIM, Indore

This module is about Freedom – freedom from the emotions that sometimes tend to overwhelm you, freedom from conditioning as well as the baggage of the past and freedom from those things which block you from being happy. The work focuses on shifting the consciousness. It was an unforgettable and deeply satisfying experience for me to work with 81 young men and watch the flowers of awareness slowly blooming. Sometimes we (including me) want them to bloom faster! I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to offer these programs.

In this visit, I had a room at IIMI with balcony facing the east. I am sharing some pictures of unbelievably gorgeous sun rise I have ever seen. The picture may not have captured its real grandeur, but I hope you get some idea of it.