Sunday, October 23, 2011

Integral Development Lab 2 at Himalayas

Please see my post in the IDL blog

Here are a  few pics where I am seen

Boating in Naina Lake


With a  group  aftter river crossing

River crossing

Close up


Two Workshops in early October

I am making this post short as I am having  a pile of things to do.

On 11th Oct, I conducted a  workshop for Delhi School children of age group 12-16 and it was a very joyous experience for me. It is amazing that young children are receptive to Yoga and Pranayama. I am grateful to Lalit for the opportunity.
On 13th and 14th, I facilitated a workshop for GMR executives at Bangalore. This was huge learning experience for me as a significant percentage of the participants were not very comfortable with English, in following as well as speaking. I think I learned something and would be  able to handle such groups better in future. the most important thing is - check at the very beginning of the workshop.