Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wellness - Personal Growth Lab Course at IIM, Indore

I love IIM, Indore campus. It is beautiful, perched on a hillock and I feel a sense of elation and exuberance when I walk around the campus. I also feel very excited as I come here to facilitate Personal Growth Workshops – fulfilling the purpose of my life. This visit was very special as I was facilitating Personal Growth Lab for the first time. It is the ‘Magnum Opus’ of my work. The objective of this course is to experientially explore awareness and awaken to life’s purpose. I had a lot of fun designing the course, creating an evaluation system and pouring it into the academic framework. The biggest challenge was the evaluation system as it attempts to measure the immeasurable to make awakening manageable by the participants. It was offered as elective for the final semester students of PGP (what we normally refer to as the 2 year MBA) and 81 students opted for it! I really celebrated this and my excitement went by a few more notches as it offered me to work the large group of young, interested and committed participants.

The course is dividing into four modules, each of about a week long in duration. The first module is Wellness and is quite similar to Well Being workshop. We added Meditation and Stress Management to Well Being. It was one of the most joyous and fulfilling experiences for me to facilitate this workshop. I took written feedback and was delighted to read the impressions. The summary of quantitative rating s are

Extremely Valuable 39%

Very valuable 54%

Valuable 7%

Somewhat Valuable NIL

Not Valuable NIL

I feel a deep sense of gratitude to the PGP Chair, Office and all the participants for giving me this opportunity to share and experience the joy of sharing Wellness.

I am looking forward to be in IIMI Campus next week for the next module, Freedom. Freedom form emotional overwhelm and freedom from the baggage of the past.


Acadamic Block

Reminds me of the treee on Mt. Sinai in Ten Commanments


  1. The first module was extremely useful in a variety of ways - thank you!

    Also, glad that you love our campus as much as we all do. Its beauty has given us students immeasurable leisure and pleasure, away from the academic rigour.

  2. Thank you, Vishnu. I apprecaite your comment and like the poetry in it!