Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pranayama Workshop at Sri Aurobindo Center, Berlin

I was so captivated by the beauty, architecture and vibrancy of Berlin when I was here last year that I wondered why it is not a popular destination for India tourists. I have not seen a single Indian tourist group either this year or the last. I am sure that it will catch up soon and would not lag behind the most popular destinations like London, Rome, Paris and Switzerland. May be, it would happen very soon if a couple of Bollywood movies are made in Berlin.  
Berlin is also special because of the opportunity to be with Isa, who devotes so much of her time and energy to SAC and Goerg, who goes to work at 5AM so that he can work for SAC in the evenings - very inspiring to be just with them. Isa took me to that wonderful park in Potsdam and Goerg ook me and Isa to the 2nd World War Memorial in East Berlin.
The workshop went very well and it is a pleasure and privilege to share Pranayama with a group like this. It was wonderful to connect with some of the people I knew earlier like Gundi, Moona and all. I was inspired by the positive energy, enthusiasm and dedication in building the Auroville Garden in Berlin.
I could also spend a day at the Museum Island and one morning at the Parliament. Berlin radiates recent history and it was fascinating to visit the Parliament and the Museums are some of the best. Germany won the world cup when I was there and the air was charged with the joy of a nation celebrating! I went to the Brandenburg gate on the morning after the world cup finals and the air was still ringing with the celebrations of the day before with giant screen for public viewing. Meditation at the room of silence was something that can’t be described.
Berlin. I would love to go there again and again. And, again.

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