Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pranayama Workshop at Istanbul

This is a new city for me as a workshop venue. I was in Turkey last year and did workshop on a boat cruise but not in Istanbul. Thanks to Gunnur and Tugay, I could be in this beautiful, historic and wonderful city again and also do a workshop. I continue to be in awe of the pervasive network of Integral Yoga and discover it everywhere and anywhere. I also continue to be pleasantly surprised with the keen and sincere interest of the people of Europe and Turkey in yoga , meditation and personal growth.
I have immensely enjoyed doing the workshop of 3 sessions. It is always a privilege for me to share Pranayama. It is even more so and very enjoyable when it is a keen group in a new city for me. I am grateful to Tugay for organizing the workshop and Gunnur for translating into Turkish.
I am grateful to Tugay for taking me to Blue Mosque, a boat cruise and walk through the famed bazaar of Istanbul. The most pleasant surprise was the visit to the monastery where Rumi began his work as a Sufi saint.
This was the 2nd consecutive year in Turkey. Would 2015 be third? I do hope so.

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