Friday, September 5, 2014

Pranayama workshop at CASA TERRA, Sinagoga, Alagarve, Portugal

This was another instance of pure synchronicity. The day after Lisa and Nuno invited me to Portugal and we talked about the dates, I got a mail from Anna van Remundt asking me whether I could go to Portugal and visit Dorine, her mother and share Pranayama with her. I jumped out of my skin and jumped at the opportunity. Anna attended my workshop in 2012 and she connected me with Mundo in Amsterdam, who hosted me in Amsterdam in 2013. I am enjoying the growing friendship with Mundo and Mundo is organizing the workshops in Amsterdam this year.
The idea emerged that we could do a 3 session workshop for a small group in Dorine’s home. Then Dorine e-introduced me to Maurizio, a landscaping-architect, who has been volunteering at Matri Mandir for more than 7 years. Maurizio came over to Auroville in Jan 2014. It was great that he attended the Pranayama workshop in Savitri Bhavan. When he went back to Portugal and met Dorine, he suggested a place where the workshop can be organized better (and for more people) at Casa Terra What began as a small private group eventually turned out to be the biggest group so far in Europe!
Dorine lives in a pristine, ecologically protected land near a quaint village, Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo, close to Tavira in Algarve, the most beautiful part of beautiful Portugal. Her place is one of the most serene places I ever had the pleasure of staying in. The place is charged with positive energy and you can see the care and love given to every plant and structure in the place that is called O Monte The experience was further intensified by the charming and kind-hearted hospitality of Dorine, making it unforgettably and immensely enjoyable.
Dorine organized the workshop very well and many of her friends attended the workshop. Doing the workshop was a pure joy for me as the group was very focused, receptive and attentive. It is more than a privilege to share Pranayama with such a group and I don’t have the vocabulary to describe my experience.
I am slowly understanding the Portuguese culture and learning to appreciate the beauty of the people of Portugal. They are essentially fun-loving, large-hearted, easy-going people who love to celebrate life.   
I am grateful to Anna van Remundt and Dorine for this wonderful experience. I am grateful to Maurice for the lovely venue, Ana for her support with charming positive energy and Maurizio for suggesting it. I am grateful to Lisa and Nuno for the invitation to Portugal, making my travel to Portugal and this event possible. I look forward to many more visits to this lovely place and reconnecting with the people and doing workshops and enjoying Algarve.

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