Saturday, September 27, 2014

Health and Happiness (Integral Being) Retreat at SaraCon, Auroville

Yet another new venue for me in Auroville and this event was organized under the aegis of Auroville Retreats. This si also an experiment (in continuation of the preparatory work I have been doing in connection with the relocation form Auroville), specifically aimed at making my trawl to Auroville self-sufficient. 

It was a small but fully focused and highly interested and participative group. One of the participants came all the way from Singapore to specifically participate in the retreat. Vikram, who organized the event from Auroville also chose to participate and that made teh event very special for me – the first organizer in Auroville for my events being part of the event!
The retreat went quite well but I found that I needed more time, despite all the preparation. However, I could flow with the questions and could decide on the fly how to pour the retreat into the available time (without the usual internal debate!). The preparation and experiments are paying dividends.

I am celebrating many a thing out of this event. What I celebrate most is the request from the group to have a follow up session in November. In my opinion, the retreats are the best way to share what I like to share because we can encompass the dimensions of health, inner harmony and happiness integrally. It becomes truly integral when we have a follow up session to deepen the practice- the pathway to actually enjoy the benefits in the life!  That is why practice is the fourth petal of integral being.

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