Saturday, September 27, 2014

Good health and Wellbeing workshops at IIM, Indore.

 I love to go to the beautiful campus of IIM, Indore. There is something in the air and the wonderful view from this abode of learning perched on a hillock. The lush greenery nurtured by the recent rains added to the beauty and the fact that much of the construction work in the core area is complete has contributed to the scenic splendor – a delightful blend of man-made structures and natural beauty. 
The venue for the Pranayama sessions is shifted to first floor hall in the new sports complex. It is a beautiful, well ventilated hall, ideally suited for Pranayama  with a lovely view of the Olympic size swimming pool to the east and the infinite green view on the west. The workshop went very well and I think this is my best even experience ever at IIMI, as I felt very happy and satisfied with the participation of ten students. Almost all of them bought Yoga mats which declares the intention of practicing. They were in-time for all the sessions and were quite focused and highly participative. I enjoyed their responses and was delighted with their questions. As this is a workshop with 2 credits, I conduct a quiz and the mean score in this workshop is higher by 14%. That correlates with my subjective opinion. The class representative has done an excellent job and this helped me a lot. I was inspired by their resolutions and the personal plans they made to enjoy a  higher level of good health and well being. This is one of the best-ever workshop experiences for me. Thank you, dear students, for the wonderful opportunity and I look forward to meeting many of you at Nainital next month and would be happy if you choose to participate in the Stress Management workshop in VI Term.  I am also thinking of offering a "Being Happier" workshop in the VI Term.
Apart from the workshop for the students, I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to do a 5 session workshop for the faculty/staff and families. This was real gift for me because many of my friends attended and I had an opportunity to meet their family members. I could also connect more closely with many others with whom I interacted and who helped me in my work. I also made new friends. The gorgeous view of the setting sun in the western sky was an added bonus!
I am grateful to The Director, The Dean, PGP Chair and PGP Office for the opportunity. I am grateful to each and everyone who participated in the workshops and gave me the opportunity to share Pranayama and take another step in walking the path of the purpose of my life.

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