Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Integral Being Week-end Retreat at Casa do Limoeiro, Portugal

 This is my first visit to Portugal and it happened because of Lisa and Nuno. Lisa and Nuno come to Auroville every year from Portugal with their adorable four children and Lisa’s mother. Lisa’s father was Indian and they named their eldest daughter “India”. For the first time I have come across India as a name for a girl and what a beautiful name for a girl! Lisa and Nuno amaze me with the ease and grace with which they travel around the world with their children and enjoy doing it. I am fortunate to get to know them and receive an invitation to Portugal. The rest flowed with so much ease that the word ‘synchronicity’ springs to the lips.
I had a grand welcome at the Airport as Nuno and Lisa came along with their four children but my checked-in bag did not arrive. Nuno helped with an overnight change and this was indicative how they cared and helped me throughout my stay in Portugal. The next day was very warm and I enjoyed the lovely beach of Lisbon, watching Nuno and his children.
 Lisa and Nuno introduced me to Tiago who runs Brahmi , a Oriental Wellness Center . He responded positively and he very professionally promoted a week-end retreat at a charming, homely, beautiful and quaint place (the home of his ancestors) about 100 KM north of Lisbon. The retreat is essentially a combination of Health (Pranayama), Harmony (Stress Management) and Happiness. We had a fabulous group of highly interested and committed people and the retreat was a beautiful experience in the idyllic country side of Portugal. It was great that Nuno offered a session on healing sounds and Tiago did a Yoga session, making it a very integral and collaborative event.  I missed the Yoga session conducted by Tiago but participated in the Healing sounds session of Nuno. It was a fantastic experience to be immersed in the healing sounds. I did a Pranayama session by the side of the swimming pool for the first time and it was just too good to describe in words.
The great experience was further made memorable with the tasty, sumptuous vegetarian food prepared and the extraordinary hospitality of Tiago’s  parents, who live there.
I would cherish the sweet memories of the week-end with this extraordinary group in a fairy-tale like place of such positive and powerful energy. I am grateful to Lisa, Nuno, Tiago, Tiago’s parents and the fabulous group. I look forward to coming back here again and again. 

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