Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pranayama workshop at Brahmi, Lisbon

You can see from my last three posts that I am bowled over by Portugal. So, it was very special for me to do a workshop in the capital of Portugal. And, this was made possible by Nuno as he saw the possibility of squeezing it into the Sunday evening (I had the last session of Pranayama workshop at Sintra on Sunday morning).
Tiago responded despite my goof up on the timings and he sent an invitation also to the group who attended the week-end retreat at Casa do Limoeiro. I was ecstatic that four of them chose to attend! Sadhana brought her two daughters along, Bernardo brought his wife, Katian came even though Pedro was travelling in Spain and Celia was there too. There were some new people and all in all, it was an event that I enjoyed so much in the beautiful yoga hall of Brahmi. I am impressed with the work that Tiago is doing, teaching Yoga and making Ayurvedic treatments available to people in Lisbon and other places in Portugal.
This is the last event in Portugal and the fabulous two weeks came to an end too soon. I stayed more than half the time with Lisa and Nuno in their beautiful home at San Pedro Do Estoril, on the out skirts of Lisbon. It was an enriching experience to live with them and their four adorable children. Nuno has so many skills and capabilities – he plays music, conducts healing sounds workshops, crystal healing workshops, works with young and differently-abled children, sculptor, jewellery designer and ...... Lisa is propagating homeopathy and holistic healing, teaches gymnastics, body shaping and other workshops. They are both fountains of positive energy and the joy with which they made their children the centre of their Universe is inspiring to me. They give their love and acceptance to their children abundantly and shared it with me. They do that with everyone they come in contact with. The ease and grace with which they balance so many demands on their time and energy is incredible and touched and moved me. They even found time to take me to the beach and some of the beautiful sights of Lisbon like the Monastery. They gave me so much in the time I spent with them that my heart if full. I don’t know how, but they contributed to my personal growth in many ways in this short time. I am deeply grateful to them for their contribution to my growth and the wonderful visit to Portugal that was so enjoyable and fulfilling. 
My last stop in Portugal was Maurizio, who was instrumental in the workshop at Sintra and is part of the synchronistic chain. I enjoyed his hospitality for the last two nights in his museum like flat, filled with artefacts from all over the world and through his varied skills as a sculptor, painter, photographer..... I experienced the beauty of Lisbon through his love for Lisbon, on a long walk. In the evening, he prepared a nice Italian dinner and Anna joined us.  One of the very unique places (among many other unique spots off the normal tourist list) he has shown me was the water reservoir. The reservoir is situated at the highest altitude in Lisbon and receives natural spring water though an aqua duct system and supplied water to the whole of Lisbon in the 19th century with zero energy consumption (just through gravity)- a jewel of engineering marvel with eco-consciousness.
What an experience Portugal was! I would love to come back here and look forward to the same and enjoy the company and hospitality of friends, the beauty of Portugal, the people of Portugal and the richness of their culture and the fabulous fruits and salads.
Abrigado Portugal, Nuno, Lisa, Tiago, Dorine, Anna, Maurizio, Miguel, Isabel and all the people who participated in the events that I had the privilege to offer.  I am grateful to Auroville and The Mother in connecting all of us.

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