Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pranayama Workshop at Sintra

The roots of this workshop go back to a lunch we had at Aurolec Canteen in Auroville  on lovely February Sunday. I invited Lisa &Nuno and their family for lunch as well as Maurizio. The idea was to connect these two friends who live in Portugal. Marizio invited four other people (three of them from Portugal) and it became a big gathering with 11 people from Portugal! It is during the lunch that Lisa came up with the idea that Maurizio can help in organizing a workshop at Sintra. Maurizio, Lisa and Nuno discussed this in Portuguese and Maurizio gladly expressed his willingness to see how he can help. 
Maurizio connected with Miguel, who actually organized the event in Isabel’s place. Till I actually landed in Sintra on the day of the workshop, I had no idea that Sintra is a paradise on earth. Nuno explained that there are a few places where the meridians intersect - Sintra and Auroville are two such places blessed with extraordinary energy of Mother Earth. The place is too beautiful words and even pictures. It is a combination of pristine and abundant verdure, undulating landscapes, places of historical and archaeological interest, a bohemian atmosphere created by the fun-loving and large-hearted people. The combination is incredibly powerful and beautiful, filling up the senses and touching the heart.  The place made an indelible impression on my heart and the day I spent at Sintra will remain etched in my memory forever.
The workshop went great and we did two sessions in the garden and the last session indoors due to rain.  The workshop was made special for me by Nuno as he attended two of the sessions.
I am grateful to Miguel, Isabel and Maurizio for this extraordinary opportunity in this beautiful place. My heart is filled with gratitude to Lisa and Nuno for making my travel to Portugal possible and creating opportunities to experience the splendors of Portugal culture.


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