Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pranayama and Stress Management Workshops in Nijmegen, Holland

This was a re-visit to Nijmegen and re-connecting with Gonnie and Johan, with whom eh friendship started in 2013 and keeps growing. Nijmegen is a surprisingly beautiful and lovely town and Gonnie and Johan are easy going, very affectionate, caring and loving couple. The combination made my first visit very enjoyable and memorable. The second visit was even more so!
Johan again came over to Amsterdam and drove me to Nijmegen through the scenic route. We visited Anna at her home on the way and that was a fabulous event because I missed meeting her last year and really wished to reconnect with her as she connected me with Mundo made my visits to Holland possible. She also connected me with Dorine and made that visit to Algarve possible.
Johan and Gonnie arranged a Pranayama worksop and a stress management workshop in their residential complex and also another workshop at De Bolster, Kastanjehof, another community nearby. The vents went very well and I felt very happy and grateful to do the workshops and enjoy the wonderful hospitality of Gonnie and Johan. 
 Gonnie’s sister Josee, drove down from Edam and it was a delight to meet her. Josee invited me to Edam next year and I am excited about visiting a new place next year in beautiful Holland.

Johan also took me to, an eco-friendly community that aspires to be of self-sufficient. It was a small but inspiring place and we met Anutosh, the founder. One of their activities is to host workshops and retreats and it is possible venue for next year.
It was nice to meet Wim, the AVI coordinator of Holland and also Regine. It is interesting that how the connections grow with time and progress towards a larger network of human unity.

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