Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pranayama, Harmony and Happiness workshops at ClubLite, Amsterdam

 This is the next phase of synchronistic chain of the unfolding beauty in the purpose of my life. The chain of events goes back to 2011, when Anna came to one of my workshops in Auroville. When I was planning the trip in 2013 and looking for a lace to stay, Marlenka reconnected me with Anna. Anna was living in The Hague but she talked to Mundo, who welcomed with open arms and a beautiful heart between the arms. Mundo became a good friend in the one week I enjoyed his hospitality and he also took time off to attend the 5 session Pranayama workshop as well as the workshops on Stress Management and Happiness. When eh plans for 2014 were unfolding, Mundo suggested that we can work together for the workshops in Amsterdam. What more could I have asked for!

Mundo is one of the few people whom I know personally with the rare gift of being in the flow AND plan meticulously. He did a fabulous job of planning the event and added so much value by adding a pre-workshop screening of “Free the Mind” (documentary on mindfulness research of Davidson at University of Wisconsin). He has a large circle of ‘real’ friends who responded to his communication and we had the event with largest attendance in Europe so far (at one of my workshops). I was also touched by his focus on making it a homely event and he prepared tasty and healthy snacks for every event and actually created a homely, warm atmosphere that was enjoyed by everyone. It was an icing on the cake and made a huge difference. Julija, who was working in the same place as Mundo in 2013, attended the workshop in 2013 at Center for being (thanks to Mundo). It was a pleasure to meet her again on 19th June and she helped in getting the space ready, even though she was going to be married on 23rd! She radiates such brilliant, positive energy that made the task of getting te space ready not only easy but also very enjoyable. T was also great to have Thomas in the Happiness workshop (he is Mundo’s neighbour and attended the workshop in 2013, thanks to Mundo). I and Mundo celebrated the participation of Mundo’s mother in all the three Pranayama sessions. It was a privilege having her in the workshop.
We did 3 sessions of Pranayama, Stress Management and Being Happier Workshops. It was a very satisfying and fulfilling experience for me and I enjoyed the pervasive synergy in the partnership. The participants were very focused, keenly interested and highly receptive and it was a pleasure and privilege to share with such groups.  Add to this the positive factor that people understand (my) English very well – in fact better than most parts of the world, I just loved the experience! While the individual sessions were great, most of the people didn’t choose to participate in all the workshops, which is about an integral set of tools to live a more healthy, harmonious and happy life. Mundo and I discussed the desirability and possibility of creating a retreat in 2015. I am excited about the future and am keenly looking forward to the growing synergy and friendship with Mundo.
I like Amsterdam very much but could actually see very little of it due to a packed workshop schedule. But, I enjoyed riding the excellent bike that Mundo arranged for me. It was a pleasure riding the geared beauty of a cycle in the wonderful ‘bike-friendly’ Amsterdam. The vision of visiting this

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