Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pranayama, Stress Management, Happiness and Integral Being Workshops at Savitri Bhavan, Auroville

 These are a set of workshops over two months in which I experimented a lot. The experiments span many aspects – duration, number of sessions; using video vs. not using video clips; using power point vs. speaking extempore only; re-orienting stress management workshop to reduce and compress (as it has gown and grown over a period of time) without losing anything essential, make happiness workshop more crisp, running good health and Integral Being workshops in parallel etc.   

The reason behind all this is my plans to relocate from Auroville and to see how I can continue the workshops with short visits.

I am grateful to Savitri Bhavan and all the participants who gave me the opportunity in time and space for this experimentation. I am now confident that I can adapt to any event within the ambit of Health, Harmony and Happiness and adapt on the fly to situations, venues, facilities, need for translation, variances in the groups and many unforeseen twists and turns that I have seen in doing workshops over the past 7 years. A good analogy is that very river flows to the seas but each river is unique and no man can step into the same river twice.
I feel grateful to all the Syamala for attending all the events and for her encouragement, support and feedback.

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