Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pranayama Session for Savitri Study Group, NY.

 This is yet another workshop made possible, thanks to Julian. I am amazed with Julian and the extraordinary way he networks! He remembers the name and background of very person and he keeps the connection alive and vibrant. He is living Wikipedia of the immense network of the Integral Yoga of the Mother and Sri Aurbindo. It is wondrous to discover the Mani hara of the Integral Yoga Network and I am blessed to have friends like Julian and Wendy, who help me in my journey.

Julian introduced me to Sidharth (Sid for short), who is eh initiator and one of the coordinators of the Study Group. The group meets regularly on Mondays from 7-9 PM. In eh time that I was in USA, the only day that would have worked for me was the Monday of the Memorial Day Long Week-end. I was doubtful whether they would meet on that day. I was pleasantly surprised to get an enthusiastic positive response from Sid.
The event was held in Sid’s flat and we had a small but wonderful group, who were attentive and interested. I was a pleasure and privilege to meet this extraordinary group that meets every week – like a heart beat that maintains their Savitri consciousness. I immensely enjoyed meeting the group and sharing Pranayama with them.
I am grateful to Sid and Julian for making this happen and look forward to meeting this g group next year.

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