Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pranayama and Stress Management workshops at Woodstock, NY

This is also the third successive year I had the pleasure of doing workshops in this charming town. All this thanks to Julian and Wendy. They are not only giving me the opportunity, but also host me at their charming home every year. They very kindly picked me up and dropped me back at my daughter’s home (about two and half hours drive) this year. They have also been continuously encouraging me and helping me to do more workshops in the East Coast. It is really Grace to have their friendship and goodwill.

The last two workshops were held in the library of Matagiri Sri Aurobindo Center. The Center is a serene space in sylvan, pristine nature.  This year, Julian shifted the venue to Woodstock Yoga Center  to make it easier for more people in Woodstock to participate. The Woodstock Yoga Center is a beautiful space and it was pleasure to meet Barbara, one of the owners and a renowned Yoga teacher, who had he benefit of learning from the great BKS Iyengar Along with Julian and Wendy, Barbara also attended my first session of Pranayama workshop with small group of participants. I feel fortunate that she liked the session and found my way of doing the workshops gentle and helpful for people to be motivated in practicing Yoga. She sent out a mail to all her students, recommending that they attend the next session and we had a full house! Wow, how fantastic and fabulous was that!

I word about the group of Barbara’s students. It is the first session ever for me where everybody kept their spine straight and here was no need to correct anyone at any stage. Keeping the spine straight is one of the basic principles of Yoga. This is an indicator of the sustained practice with seriousness of the group. Hey were also fully focused, attentive and receptive. It is indeed a privilege for me to share Pranayama with this group.
I am happy and grateful to Julian, Wendy and Barbara and look forward to being with them next year.  

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