Monday, June 3, 2013

Integral Being Workshop iat Dransfeld,Germany

 This workshop is the first first one for me in Europe and the first with translation.
All made possible by Kristine. She attended one of  my Workshops in Savitribhavan and in our conversation responded enthusiastically to the idea of a workshop. She is Qi Gong Teacher and she arranged it in her studio. Kristine visited India in 1974 for the first time and has been on the spiritual path since the age of 15. It is inspiring to know her and her multifaceted accomplishments in Ethnology,  journalism, Qi Gong, translator ..... She came to India and Auroville in 1974 for the first time in her spiritual quest. I met her in Auroville in Dec 2012 when she attended the Wellbeing workshop. I shared with her that I was planning to be in Europe and Germany in June 2013 and asked her if she could help me to do a workshop. And she did! She did with such wonderful, enthusiastic and positive energy. The biggest leanings and gains for me in the workshop is getting to know her, her friendship and a glimpse of spiritual journey.
We planned the workshop as two day event but finally had to settle down for 1 day. It was quite ambitious because it had three aspects : Pranayama. Freedom from Stress and Happiness and beyond - the three basic ingredients of Integral Being. When you add the time needed for translation, you get an idea of the degree of our ambitiousness.
I am happy and satisfied with the results - mainly because the participants were great and Krsitine did a great job in translating and being co-facilitator of the event. I was pleasantly surprised that the participants were very knowledgeable! It was privilege to  work with them and it was a wonderful first event for me in Europe.

One lesson for me: avoid compression and cramming of too many topics


  1. Dear JayVi,
    thank you for comming and spreading your wonderful energy at my home!
    I love you!

    1. Thank you very much for making all this possible and the learning opportunity.

  2. Great Ava.Keep it up