Friday, May 24, 2013

Pranayama Workshop at SAYFNA, New Jersey

Sri Aurobindo Yoga Foundation of North America, New Jersey was the venue of the workshop. The venue is rather unique - founded as a Spiritual Center or individual and collective Sadhana of Integral Yoga. It is located in the house built by the founder, Prof. Vyas. The Center has a meditation room, a nice library and a beautiful hall for talks and workshops. Vivek and his family live here and Julian introduced me to Vivek.
It was very interesting for me to meet so many people who came form near and far - as far as 70 miles.Many have come early to meditate or chat with the family of Vivek or meet others. This part of the program is aptly names 'meet and greet' and I was pleasantly surprised to meet so many people touched by the Integral Yoga of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.
The next part of the program was  group meditation. It is heartening to see so many children being part of the group meditation and being routed in this very important ancient practice.
The Pranayama workshop went very well with great and enthusiastic participation. The youngsters added to the positive energy of the event and I was very happy with the numerous questions and clarifications.
A simple but delicious   Indian dinner was the last part of the program. I could get to know more people and this community appears to have combined the best of East and West, committed to nurture their Indian roots.
I am grateful to Vivek and his family for hosting the event and for the opportunity to connect with this wonderful community and experience SAYFNA briefly. It would be great to come back here and do more workshops.

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