Friday, May 24, 2013

Pranayam and Stress Mnagment Workshops at Matagiri, USA

It is always wonderful to go back to a place to do a workshop again.  If it is Matagiri, the experience becomes euphoric.
I was here a year ago and immensely enjoyed meeting Julian, Wendy and Eric, the natural beauty of Woodstock and doing a workshop (see my post
The pristine beauty, sylvan surroundings, the cool breeze and the ozone charged air sort of took me over as I stayed overnight to enjoy the hospitality of Wendy and Julian. The natural beauty of this place must have been one of the major factors for holding the famous music festival hare. The walk in the woods added to heighten my enjoyment of my visit and Wendy is a gracious hostess and made my visit memorable with her kind hospitality.
We planned two workshops this year - Pranayama and Freedom from stress. the venue was the Library of Matagiri - a wonderful place with Divine vibrations and ambiance.What I most enjoyed about the events is the participation of the small group of people. It is unforgettable experience for me and a source of immense satisfaction in my mission to share and spread  principles and practices of well being.
Julian and Wendy were going to Auroville International meet in Spain and drove me back to NJ. Julian is a walking encyclopedia of the human network of the followers of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.  It was a very enriching experience to listen to him and his narrative style is fabulous and I enjoyed listening to him. He introduced me and my work to Vivek in New Jersey and made the workshop at NJ possible. I feel so happy and grateful! 
 Apart from the memory of Matagiri, I take back an everlasting inspiration from Julian and Wendy. It is an experience to see the kind of energy they generate in their work, radiating that peace and inner calm in Her work. 

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