Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wellbeing workshop at Durga Temple, Fairfax, Va, USA

It was a wonderful celebration to be back (after a year)at this beautiful venue in this green and serene city, thanks to Jay. The first workshop happened in April 2012, thanks to my friend Jacob Abraham, who took the initiative to enroll Jay into giving me an opportunity to conduct a workshop at the weekly yoga sessions.
This year, my friend Jacob is in India but he and Susan helped me in many ways to make the repeat event happen this year. In fact, but for them, I could not have come over to this beautiful town!
 Jay was very positive about the workshop this year and he, along with the Yoga Group Team worked for the past six months to organize the event. I got to know Jay a little bit more in this trip. He is a living example of the power and magic of Yoga. He was diabetic with hyper cholesterol and he is free form both these 'incurable' disease.  He devotes a lot of his time to organize and conduct the programs of the Yoga group. His passion and dedication to spread Yoga are inspiring to me.
 We planned a longer workshop this year and I had was apprehensive about people attending the workshop form 7AM to 10:30 AM without breakfast. The apprehensions were baseless and we had an excellent and enthusiastic group of participants.The group is mulch-cultural and  I am amazed at their interest, sincerity and enthusiastic participation as they are really committed to Yoga. The group Jay conducts many of the weekly sessions.  meets on every Saturday and Sunday an It is a privilege for me to share pranayama and the other a practices with a group like this.
I planned the first part of the workshop to introduce the daily practice that I share with explanation and practicals. I liked the questions, which were many and interesting for me to respond to. The group being quite Yoga aware, the questions were quite 'in-depth' and it was a matter of joy to share the time and space with this group.
After the break, based on some discussion, I decided to a short session on 'taking care of you back'. This is because back issues are becoming endemic with the kind of life-style that is prevalent nowadays. My sense is that it is well received.
 After the workshop, I went to the temple. It was so serene and well mainatined that I ermebered the syaing "Cleanliness is Godliness". The Goddess was resplendent and a group of about 30 devotees were chanting slokas. I wish every place of worship would spread  such Divine vibrations.
Thank you, dear Jay, Jacob, Susan and every one of you who were there on 11 May.  I look forward to more opportunities to be here.

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