Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pranayama Workshop for LIving Routes

Living Routes is an initiative that  partners with the University of Massachusetts to run college level programmes based in Auroville and other “ecovillages” around the world. Living Routes organizes "Integral Sustainability at Auroville" program and I was lucky to have  been given an opportunity to conduct 3 sessions of Pranayama for a small group of young students from USA. A few years back, I did a short session on compassionate communication and there has been a lull for some time in my working with this wonderful organization.

The sessions were held in Windara Farm In Australian aboriginal, 'Windarra' means: 'A place to live where I can express my soul'.
Windarra Farm has been a cultivated land for around 12 years. and the TerraSoul Community started  in January 2011 . TerraSoul  is a  learning community. The  holistic approach embraces farming as the ground pillar - added arts, education, renewable energy, music, movement and healing with common living, common working, common facilities and common activities. The picturesque farm was an ideal place and the venue was just fanatastic - with the open space in communiion with the Universal Energy Field,  the singing of the birds and the lovely greenery around. It is the best place for a small group and the cushions and mats for first rate. 

What I enjoyed most in this workshop is the enthusiastic and  energetic participation of the entire group!. Many of them have been practicing Yoga for quite some time and very comfortable to sit in the cross legged posture. This makes the practice of the pranayama very enjoyable. It is a pleasure and privilege to share paranayama with a group like this. 

Recently, I have been doing the workshop as five ssessions or six sessions.  Though we intneded it to be five sessions, my travel  plans changed and we needed it to curtail it to 3 sessions. One way, this was perfect for me as it gave me an opportunity to try out the three session format, the format I am offering in Europe.  My sense is that it worked very well for this group but I will have the challenges of translation and it may be very difficult to get a group like this - which is it easy, fun and fabulous to work with. 

Let me be open to the possibility of having many more such groups  and  more opportunities to work with Living Routes. I would love that!

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