Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wellbeing workshop

I normally do these workshops once a month and one of the things I enjoy most is to share the practices of Pranayama and well being that have been so beneficial to me in my life. However, I could not do a workshop in March due to the project commitments and related travel. I will be traveling to USA & Europe form mid April to Mid July and hence this workshop was very important to me. However, I missed to send the announcement in time for News and Notes!
Every time I do the workshop, I feel better and more energetic despite the extra demands on my time and energy for every session. On the days of tehw orkshop I get up around 4AM -4:30AM to do my practice before I go to the workshop at 6:45 AM.
Some people closely known to me joke that I am becoming a workshop junkie or workshop-holic!
Be as it may, I enjoy it and look forward to every workshop and every session and feel blessed to have this opportunity in my life.
Tash, who was in a Self Healing workshop conducted by me about 6 months ago and I am delighted that  she participated in this workshop and provided a lot of encouragement and inspiration to me.

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