Friday, June 21, 2013

Pranayama Workshop at Nijmegen, The Netherlands

 Synchronicity.  Pure and total. That’s what my travel to Nijmegen is. I requested Wim, AVI coordinator of The Netherlands for support for my program in Amsterdam. Wim is a true Aurovilian who does not live in Auroville but contributed so much in the progress of Auroville.  Wim suggested that I visit  Nijmegen and Johan will help me. I met Johan in Auroville in early 2013 and I was impressed with his hands-on technical capabilities in many fields. The rest just happened with so much ease and grace that there is no other way to describe it other than synchronicity. Johan responded positively and just one week before my arrival I requested whether I can offer a Pranayama workshop. Johan just made it happen. In fact, Johan occurs to me as an embodiment of “Just do it”. He owns the most number of tools I have ever seen with and has so much material and tools that he had to hire a shack to keep them. He is currently installing solar power panels for exporting to the grid and is involved in every community activity you can think of.

Nijmen is a not a big town. But, it is beautiful. So beautiful, green and lovely. Johan and Gonnie live in a community that is very charming and I stayed in the common guest room. They took me out for dinner by walk and the 30 minute walk was very enjoyable. I loved every bit of the town we walked through. On our way back, we sauntered through the park and it was gorgeous, with a golden sun setting on the western horizon, the sky lit up with psychedelic hues of red, blue, orange and many colours that I can’t name, the shimmering Wal river reflecting the beautiful sky and altering the reflection in an intriguing  way, the cool breeze….
After a lovely and sumptuous breakfast put together by Gonnie, Johan took me for a ride to another community that is linked by their shared L3 ring network (he took the day off to show me around)There, I met Paul, another very interesting person. Paul so kindly took time out to take me around and show me the infrastructure as well give me a feel for the social aspects of their community. Then Johan drove me over the 7 hills to another community housed a beautiful castle like old building that also shares the L3 ring, and for a walk along the river followed by a great lunch in a cute, old restaurant close to the river. We got back in time for the Pranayama workshop. Thanks to the efforts put in by Johan, we had a nice gathering. I was pleasantly surprised yet another time by the participation of people in Germany and Holland. I enjoyed the session so much and looked forward to the next session.
The day dawned bright and gorgeous.  I took a lazy walk to the town and ambled along the beautiful streets, parks, market square and the Cathedral, basking in the warm sunshine. By about 1PM the sun became quite warm, almost like the winter sun of Auroville. I was so happy that Wim cycled across the German border and we had yet another fabulous Pranayama session. Gonnie and Johan made this very unique by inviting people for a simple but very nutritious and enjoyable dinner after the session. The meal consisted of honey dew melon, peanut, leek and vegetable soup followed by apricot and yogurt dessert. Johan and Gonnie are very active in their community and they know everybody and speared lot of goodwill with the tome and attention they give to community consciousness, work and initiatives.
On the day of my departure, Gonnie drove me to the train station and literally put me in the train to Schipol.
What can  I say about such a delightful experience? Johan is aspiring to live in Auroville.  I look forward to their visit in Jan 2014 and wish that they would live in Auroville. They would be valuable additions to the International City of Human Unity. Because Johan is a bundle of energy with hands-on-skills skills in electronics, communications, electrical systems, solar power, mechanical engineering, wood work…… and Gonnie is a healer.   My conviction that Unity is happening was deepened here, thanks to the inspiring communities I visited and meeting Gonnie and Johan here. I am fortunate to meet this wonderful couple and receive so much of their love and caring attention they gave so generously. I feel so happy, grateful and blessed.
It would be fun-tastic to come here again.

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