Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pranayama and Freedom form Stress Workshops at Sri Aurobindo Center, Berlin

The more I travel in Germany, the more I am realizing how false the commonly held notion is – the notion that Indians are spiritual. The underlying notion is that “others are not spiritual’.  Isa, who runs the Sri Aurobindo Center at Berlin, worked in the Foreign Affairs Ministry and served in Russia, Portugal, Brazil and Luxemburg.  From that kind of background, I feel surprised and inspired to have glimpse of who she is . She started  the Center and is now devoting herself to facilitate people learning the message of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.  She began her spiritual journey when she was 8!. I experience Peace and Love radiating from her.
She showed me around Berlin on two days . What a privilege it was to learn about this extraordinary city from Isa. It was an immersive experience - the culture, history, architecture, people, green environment, discipline, beauty, civic sense and the spirit of freedom and Unity. There is vibrancy in this city with an underlying spirit of freedom with responsibility. And all the while, I had the gentle and affectionate guide who kept educating me on the aspects of Berlin that are not visible and not discernible to a casual observer.

Georg works in the Foreign office and stays in the same building that the Center is located in. Isa and Georg are like two pillars brought together by the Mother to spread IY in Germany. Georg has been catapulted into the spiritual world by a chance incident that put him in touch with “Secret of the Veda”. It is amazing to see how much energy he gives to the Center. He is young but he is also a scholar of the teachings of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. I was overwhelmed by the affection and loving attention I got from him and he took me to “Check Point Charlie” – a symbol of the manifesting Human Unity.
The Center is a vibrant place with at least three programs per week: Study Circle, Savitri Reading and other programs.  Dirk comes from 70 Km to participate in them! It is very heartening to see the flowering of the consciousness of Integral Yoga. Almost everyone I met here has been to Pondicherry  at least once and they are very rooted in the practice of Integral Yoga with a sincerity and aspiration that is splendorous!

 Originally, we planned Freedom from Stress workshop only but just a couple of days before my arrival here, Isa created an opportunity for me to share Pranayama as well. I thoroughly enjoyed both workshops and delighted to get to know the extraordinary people in Berlin. Their participation was fabulous and they gave 100% of their attention and listening so generously. I am on Cloud Nine.
I am feeling sad to leave Berlin and look forward to the next opportunity to be here. I am so grateful to Isa and Georg for the love and caring they gave me so abundantly. I am just beginning to experience the power and magic of AVI and the Family of Integral Yoga. It is a privilege to be part of this and I am lucky to be welcomed with open arms and abundant love.

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