Saturday, October 23, 2010

Emotional Freedom Workshop at Freescale Semiconductors

This is also a second event for me. It was about a year ago that I conducted “Stress Management Workshop” at Freescale Semiconductors. It was very well received and we have been talking about a second workshop for about 6 months or more. Finally, it happened on the 5th of October 2010, thanks to Vivek.
While I missed my friend Sanjeev, I was pleasantly surprised that the team at Freescale is almost intact. I am also very happy that Freescale appears to be going from strength to strength under the leadership of Vivek, who is also an old friend. I felt at home right throughout the workshop and it was a very heartening experience for me to be with the Freescale team. I felt very encouraged by the participation and the very interesting questions. We had a very pleasant lunch together – it was great idea of Veena to order Pizzas and have lunch at the venue.
I am very happy and satisfied with workshop and look forward to more opportunities to be at Frescale.

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  1. Iam a learner to these things. i liked the way this is presented. illustrations? ks.