Monday, November 1, 2010

Integral Development Lab at Himalayas for IIM, Indore

The genesis was in phone call to Prof. Rvaichandran when I was on my Himalayan Sojourn in May-Jun. He saw a potential program for the students and it materialized   with the efforts of Prof. Ramana, Dushyant, Sarvesh and Arnav. Prof. Srnivas joined at the last minute and made a big difference. Before I go to the event, I express my gratitude to each and every one of them.
We called it ‘Integral development Lab’ as it offered scope for holistic development at all levels: body, mind and soul. The programs included
Yoga asanas, pranayama, deep relaxation, meditation
Trekking to Land’s end view, night trek to Tiffin Top, scaling the 8000’ high Niana peak and a 16 kilometre trek to Kanchee Dham via Snow view
Adventure activities including rock climbing, boldering, scrambling, rappelling and river crossing
Basics of stress management and emotional freedom
Principles of sustainable wellness - dietary principles for well being, self healing
Campfire and cultural program
Opportunities to work in groups and teams to improve bonds and team dynamics
The location is none other than Nainital, a Jewel in the Himalayan foot hills. We stayed in the serene Van Nivas Ashram, perched on a hillock, with a lovely view. The pristine glory of this place in the lush verdure of the Himalayas offered a unique opportunity to connect with the nature and enjoy the beauty of this very exotic and exalted region of Kumaon.
The event itself was very extraordinary, made so by the participation of the students. It is a first of its kind event in India and may be the world as well!  The richness of the activities, programs and participative events made it a truly interactive and experential program where each participant integrates what is best needed by him or her into their life. The energy was amazing and I now feel a young 35 (nines complement of my chronological age). In the company of this very energetic, enthusiastic group both Prof. Srinivas and I participated in all events! It filled me with a sense of exhilaration and joy. The love and affection I received from this group will remain etched in my memory forever.
We are grateful to Tara Di, Nalin Ji, Jayanto and his team for generously providing Van Niwas premises and facilities for IDL and helping us in every way. The adventure activities were conducted with excellent infrastructure, highly professional guidance, care and support.
I am grateful for the opportunity of facilitating this event and feel privileged to be part of it.

Added on 20/11/2010
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  1. Dear JV,

    You have been an inspiring figure for us all. Thanks to the IDL, we look forward to living long, living well and living wisely.

  2. Thank you, dear Prof. Srinivas. I appreciate your comments.

  3. Because you ARE the IDL IS. .Thanks for sharing and illustrations. What next?chamallamma

  4. It was a great experience for me personally. The week ranks as one of the best weeks of my life.
    I am definitely going to include the learnings in my day to day activities (especially the yoga and pranayama)

  5. Dear Traun and Anonymous, Thank you for your comments and I am happy to hear the intention to practice Pranayama! Good luck.

  6. It was an memorable experience for me. There is a new found self-belief in me after the week long course. Atleast, from my side I can say that I have become a lot more disciplined now.

  7. Dear Ramprasad, Thank you very much for sharing and caring to share. I am enthused by the results you created out of your participation. I feel enthused, inspired and fulfilled. Messages like this keep me going.
    All the very best!

  8. IDL has brought a positive change in my life...incorporating pranayama and meditation in daily life has done wonders to the general feeling of well-being. I consider myself really fortunate to have stumbled upon the idea of going to IDL, maybe it was a small life changing moment. In spite of the busy schedule that we always keep on complaining about, dedicating 45 mins-1 hour to the body is possible. Would not have realized that without the motivation which JV Sir, you have provided. I am still waging the "modern warfare", so much to do and so little time, yet the anxiety levels have gone down. Thanks to you Sir. Looking forward to PGL. Three cheers to IDL!!

  9. Dear Biswadip, I am so grateful for your feedback and I am very happy to see the new insights and positive impact you created for yourself. I am very inspired your commitment to develop yourself. I am keenly looking forward to PGL and the opportunity of meeting all of you.
    I feel happy and grateful that IDL made a difference to you and derive lot of strength and enthusiasm to go forward in my work. You being motivated motivates me!