Saturday, November 20, 2010

Managing yourself as an energy field at PEC

This is the third event for me at Pondicherry Engineering College and what an event that was! This is the first time that I facilitated an event with an estimated 400+ participants. I was excited but also apprehensive. Yes, I was scared. The introduction by Prof. Prithviraj helped quite a bit by providing me with a friendly emotional connection and that bit of time and space to allow myself to be with my feelings and recuperate.
Once I started communicating, it was easy; thanks to the very open participation of these young students of first year engineering degree course. I liked their responses and the questions were very interesting and stimulating for me. I was thrilled with the feedback I got from the participants at the end of the session.
One question was ‘Would animals and plants respond to the primordial sounds like we do?’. I did not know the answer at that time, but a little research indicates that the answer is ‘yes’. I could have guessed it based on the fact that animals and plants preceded us in evolution and all beings have common origins and are localized energy field in the Universal Energy Field. I am grateful for the questions.
I did not like the extra sounds made by a couple of students at the end of chanting ‘aa uu mm’ for the first time. I would have very much liked to communicate with them in consonance with my principles – but used the mode that I know produces results quickly. I justified this use by telling myself  ‘I don’t have the time to …..’. I know this is a justification and feel sad that I did not conduct myself in accordance with my inner light.  I do hope to learn from this experience and put the inner light above the expediency of the moment.
I am grateful to Prof. Rajendran for organizing the event and look forward to more such opportunities. What a gift it would be to interact with this group over the next 4 years and participate and contribute in their personal growth!
I am gartfeul to Prof. Prithviraj and Prof. Anandanatarajan and the participants.
I thank Prof. Rajendran for the pictures. My (new) camera packed up and you see pictures that include me (something different form the pics I normally take to include in my blog)


  1. Dear JV;

    Can't wait to "swing into action" with you ...


  2. Hello Sir. I never heard about this program when I was a third year B.Tech student at PEC Sir, when this happened. But fortunately, I am a first year M.Tech student at IIIT-B and, though it was compressed to 3 hours, I attended your session and it was very wonderful Sir. Thank you :)

  3. Dear Ambudheesan, Thank you very much. I apprecaite it.