Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sweet November and Dream December

I have not posted anything in my blog for the last two months – two months that appear to have passed by very fast, very interesting and memorable. Whatever I write now may be more like a news paper report rather and may be inadequate to capture the magic. None the less, let me do the best I can to capture the bullet points

Fist let me talk about the passion and new found purpose of my life. The number of participants in the Personal Growth programs crossed3,000! The vents included many ‘firsts’ and I am listing them below

1 Stress Management workshop at IIITB. This is the second event and IIITB and I am celebrating the connection and the opportunity to work with Gen next.

2 Two Well Being workshops at SAWCHU, Auroville, the foundation program of my work.

3 The first half-day Stress Management workshop at Verite Hall, Auroville

4 “Managing Yourself as an Energy Field” program at Pondicherry Engineering College for more than 400 students – more than double of the earliest largest event!

5 A (new) short program on the practice of Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga at CIS Library , Auroville

6 The first program to serving Defence Officers at INS Valsura, Jamnagar.

7 The first two day comprehensive stress management program at GMR Infrastructure, Bangalore.

This was also a period of great progress in the ICITI project of Auroville. The Governing Board of Auroville Foundation approved the project and the International Advisory Committee of Auroville has endorsed the project. We also got the first seed funding from Europe!

I am aware of the tremendous growth with so many new programs, presentations and interaction with the Governing Board and International Advisory Board. I also faced a major challenge on the health front in the form of a severe sore throat and cough. My nose started bleeding during the landing of a flight from Jamnagar and I went to a doctor after a long, long time. I was advised by the ENT specialist total rest for the vocal chords (apart from other things). I facilitated the two day workshop for GMR two days later – thanks to the power of intention and self healing (which is a way of harnessing the power of intention). I am creating the intention of “my ENT system is in excellent, robust health and helps me to facilitate more and more personal growth programs with ease, grace and joy”

Personally also, this was a wonderful period -started with a visit to the Golden Temple near Vellore along with my wife and my younger daughter’s mother-in-law. The temple is an amazing architectural wonder that is so well maintained and well administered that I experienced serenity by just being in the premises. We went on to Auroville to celebrate Diwali. My trip to Jamnagar was very nostalgic and I am impressed and inspired with what I saw and experienced. Jamnagar is now unbelievably different –a bustling, vibrant and budding city. We also a had a wonderful get together with the batch mates of Navy – Techno70- at Bangalore.

To cap it all, my elder daughter and her husband came down from Seattle and we had magical time with them.

I am grateful and happy.

Many of my appliances, including my lap top, broke down in November and December. Louis Hay says “appliances don’t break down when you are in good space”. I have no doubt that I was in great space these last two months. May be I am in some sort of transition or transformation in some other levels. I let it go.

I am grateful and happy and look forward to 2011.

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  1. ' Imperfect is the JOY not shared by ALL.' this quate made me wish u a perfect joy with this sharing.May the 16 petal powers of the Visuddhachakra bloom with purity of the spirit.gvaradharajan auroville