Saturday, October 23, 2010

Manage stress before it manages you.

This is the second event I had the good fortune to facilitate at Pondicherry Engineering College. The first time was about an year ago and it was a pleasure to go back to this beautiful campus after a long gap. The workshop content is the same as ‘Stress Management ‘workshop that I conduct. However, I made some changes to the way that the distinctions are presented and made some changes to suit the campus audience.  A unique aspect of this workshop is that faculty as well as students attended it. It was interesting to see how the students let go of their inhibitions in the presence of the professors and how the professors silently but consciously encouraged the students.
I received good feedback from the students and faculty and look forward to going to this campus more frequently and offer more programs. I am grateful for the help and encouragement I received form Prof Anandanatarajan and his colleagues.

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  1. thanku. anything done by u in and around has a special value and meaning for me. wish for manymore in future.kksyamala