Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sustainable approach to Wellness

Prof. Rajagopal, the well known expert on environment, organizes an annual workshop at Auroville. The workshop is well established and attracts participation from all parts of India and even from abroad. The aim of the workshop is to explore sustainable modes and approaches to living. The faculty is drawn from Auroville as well as external. I was fortunate to be given an opportunity to share a session on the topic of sustainable approach to wellness.
Basically, the western medical science based approach to health is unsustainable. The focus is on fixing health issues. I suggest a holistic approach to Wellness. The basic tenet of this approach is that healing is natural and we have the ability (like all life forms) to heal ourselves. It was a privilege for me that Prof. Rajagopal attended the session and I feel extremely fulfilled.

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