Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wellbeing (Pranayama) workshops at Savitri Bhavan

I have heard the old adage “Practice makes a man perfect” and have a sense of the truth in this when we look for a doctor with experience. When my sister had to undergo a total knee replacement surgery, we were looking at the number of operations the doctor performed as an important criterion in our choice. But, when it comes to our own daily lives, we tend to look for novelty rather than enjoy the opportunity of walking the path of perfection when we do the same thing again and again.  The Pranayama workshop is one of those opportunities for me to actually connect with the opportunity of walking the path to perfection. These are the 57th and 58th Pranayama workshops in Auroville and I must have done something like 500 sessions of Pranayama. Now I have an experiential sense of the old adage and am able to see how there is an incremental improvement every time I do the workshop. There is a joy in this journey that is difficult to express in words but very exhilarating to me. I also am aware that this walk is a work in progress. It helps me to enjoy the journey.
In the background of this awareness, the two workshops were steps in the journey to perfection. I am so happy and grateful for the opportunity of taking these steps and the generosity of the participants and the Savitri Bhavan team in making these steps. One of the workshops was exclusively for the Savitri Study group form Gujarat. This was a ‘first’ because I did not do the well being workshop for a study group earlier. I am grateful to Shraddhavan for giving me this opportunity.
I am also grateful to Varadarajan and Syamala for their continuous encouragement and participation.

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