Friday, August 23, 2013

Stress Managment and Wellbeing workshops at IIM, Indore

I missed going to IIM, Indore campus in the VI Semester (Jan-Mar 2013). It is more than a  year since I visited this beautiful campus, which appears to have grown more beautiful in the last one year. Indore had a good monsoon this year, in fact it was better than good - one of the best ever- so much so that I had to buy an umbrella. The rains  made the campus lush and green and it was a fest to the eyes. A major renovation of the academic block is underway. This was originally built with Jaipur stone cladding that I admired so much. But, the stones are falling and it became an unmanageable hazard. 

 There is an unbelievable transformation in this campus within the 4 years I started coming here. The student strenghth has more than  doubled and so idd the strength of the faculty. So many new courses have been introduced and new hostels, new sports complex, new auditorium. new quarters for faculty, staff and   married students with facilities for medical care, shopping and good living in the campus. I am told that this is the fastest growing campus in India! To cap it all, IIMI also started a campuses in UAE and Mumbai.

 The workshops themselves were very special for me in many ways. Prof. Srinivas attended all the sessions of the Good Health and Well being. This was not only encouraging to me but also helped me to get  valuable feedback. There appears to be more people who are genuinely interested in what the workshops and creating value for themselves. This is very heartening because I love to work with people who are interested in Good Health, Well being and making their lives free of stress. We  had students form the Mumbai campus in both the workshops.
I made some significant changes in the way I present the information on diet and work habits. It was fun working on it.I also did a major overhauls of the presentation on Emotional Freedom and included more video clips in the  workshop on Stress Management. The video clips make the sessions more interesting and gives me a chance to catch my breath and step-back.
The visit was interesting as it through up the possibility of offering "Being happier" workshop in the VI Sem. There was also interest from the faculty do a Pranayama Workshop, during my next visit to the campus. I also enjoyed the meeting we had about the Himalaya program in October..
So, it was another enjoyable visit to IIMI, enjoying the workshops, the ambiance of the campus, meeting some old friends and making some new friends.  I feel happy and grateful.

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