Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wellbeing workshop at Savitri Bhavan

I got back to Auroville after the longest absence ever - 105 days! There were good early showers and Auroville is fabulously green and beautiful. It is great to get back and do another of the Wellbeing workshops at Savitri Bhavan.
One of the trends that I observed and am celebrating is that more Aurovilians are attending the workshops and I am particularly delighted that many of them are come back for refresher or to re-start the practice after some break. This is particularly heartening for me as I am sure that this will have a positive impact on the collective well being.
Every workshop is special in some way and some times I may not be able to notice all the 'special' aspects of the workshop. One of the things that I am very happy is that Kripa attended this workshop along with her two sons - Ilango and Ishan and her sister, Kali. We stayed in Shranag Guest House in our second visit to Auroville and had the pleasure of meeting Kripa and her two young children. Mirablle, Kripa's sister was a major inspiration in our experience during that visit. It was also the time that we decided to join Auroville.

I will also remember this workshop for the kind coaching of Patricia in my English pronunciation. I studied in Telugu medium in rural Andhra and had no training in pronunciation ever.  When I went to the college, the important thing was to learn written English and follow the class. Many others in the college were in the same boat and we learnt mispronunciation from each other. So, it was wonderful to learn this at this advanced age. Patricia is patient and phenomenal as a coach - so gentle and effective. I am grateful and hopeful that I will be better understood in the future workshops.
The workshop was great and it was great to have the continued encouragement form Syamala, Jido and Varadarajan. I cherish their presence in the wrokshops and am happy and grateful.

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