Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wellbeing workshop at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture

 This is the foundation workshop in my offerings as it introduces the basics of inner growth - harnessing the power of attention and intention. The foreground is stretch exercises based on Yoga Asanas, Pranyama practices for beginners and Deep relaxation. But, in the background, we are working with attention and intention; specifically in developing awareness, visualization, developing inner harmony and being responsible for well being.
 The venue of Pavilion of Tibetan Culture is so wonderful and well suited for this workshop that I think that this is an ideal venue.
It is rainy season in Auroville and I am delighted that the participants were so committed to their well being that the rain was never a barrier for them to be there at 6:55AM. It is a pleasure and privilge to share well being with such a grooup.

I also introduce the concept of relating to yourself as an energy field and becoming aware of the energy exchange with the Universal energy field. The dietary principles for well being are based on this aspect.

I am grateful for the privilege to share these principles and practices in this wonderful space.

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