Saturday, November 26, 2011

Personal Growth Lab at IIMI@RAK , U.A.E

This event was so special for me that I had to allow some time to pass before I attempted to write the blog.

This is the first IIM campus outside India, set up by IIMI in partnership with GEM
This is the first batch of PGP (the two year flagship program of IIMs)
This is the first course of the first batch
And, I had the privilege to take the first course of the first batch of the first IIM campus abroad!
And, this is my first Personal Growth event  abroad.
I am grateful to all at IIMI and GEM for this opportunity.
I woke up at 2AM and left Auroville at 4AM to catch the flight at Chennai. The flight was a bit delayed and reached the campus around 2:30pm. I received a warm welcome from Swapna, Vasu and the GEM team. After grabbing a quick lunch in the delightful company of Vasu, I walked straight into the inauguration, clad in a T-shirt and chappals! Vasu invoked the grace of Lord Ganesha and chanted "Namoh Bhagavathe Sri Aravindayanamah". I marvelled ta the divinne connection!  It was an honor for me to be the first one to light the ceremonial lamp. 

 We had the first session immediately after the ceremony and I was very happy with the participation of the students. We had three more days of the course and I suggested that we hold Pranayama sessions in the morning. This needed a lot of logistics to be taken care. Transport arrangements (as the hostel was away), breakfast arrangements, buying mats and cushions(you can see them at the back in some of the pictures), changing the timings etc. I was amazed that the GEM team did all this that evening and did with such positive energy. This is the first institution that arranged the perfect logistics for paranayama sessions!
 The sessions themselves gave me great joy and a sense of delightful fulfillment, thanks to the active participation of the students with such receptivity and keen listening. They were pulling the course to their lives and this was a wonderful experience for me. I am grateful to each and every one of the participants for giving me such joy and happiness. I have no doubt that they would practice the tools and techniques and derive great benefits in their lives. I am also certain that they would set new standards of excellence in PGP and create anew culture that  would be respected and admired by  all.

The picture on the right was taken at 12:30 pm on the last day and the students got it framed and presented it to me when we finished the course at 3:45PM! What gift for me! I cherish the love, affection and goodwill behind this extraordinary gift.

I wish this PGP course and the IIMI campus at RAK, UAE all the very best. I am sure that they will blaze new trails and create new realities that would be emulated by many.

My special gratitude to Kaushik, who willingly took on the role of class representative and provided me with all the support needed to conduct the course; Swapna, Vasu, Bala and all the GEM team for their kind hospitality, support and encouragement; Prof. Ravichandran and Prof Dipayan for giving me this wonderful opportunity.



  1. It was only the Introduction of the Personal Growth Lab that I sat through. I was amazed to see such a subject included in the curriculum of an IIM Management Program. Capt. Avadhanulu (JV as he prefers to be called) is a barnhouse of information and practice and personally a wonderful individual to have interacted with. Thank you for the sharing and words of wisdom. Keep up the very good work!!!

    As always,

  2. JV Sir, it was indeed a privilege for me to be a part of your sessions. Honestly, the sessions were extremely helpful as they kept my body, mind and soul at peace.

    You are abundant with knowledge; embodiment of experience. The dexterity with which you overlap old thought in modern minds is extremely commendable.

    GEM team has been extremely helpful and made us feel at home. Attending a PGP at IIM is coveted by many students aspiring to become MBAs. GEM and IIM Indore have made it happen for us.

    Thanks very much indeed JV Sir.


  3. Dear sir, It was a pleasure having you with us here. I am really glad that our course began with your sessions. They were really helpful and we all are trying to inculcate the practices taught by you.

    I am thankful to IIM Indore as they kept your sessions first as what you taught us is going to help us throughout the course of 2 years.

    Whenever I do my pranayama or meditation, your smiling face flashes when I close my eyes and that gives me alot of energy and motivation to keep practicing the techniques.

    I hope you will visit us together so we are able to learn more from you.

    Thank your.

    Achint Naveen

  4. Dear Swapna,
    Thank you for your appreciation. I feel encouraged and grateful.
    I wish you and the entire GEM team all the very best and success in all your goals.

  5. Dear Kaushik, I felt very happy and grateful to read your comments. I appreciate and acknowledge the readiness with which you took on the responsibility of class representative; and provided very effective and excellent support.
    I wish you and the whole of the first PGP batch at IIMI@RAK UAE all the very best in the course. I am sure that everything is unfolding perfectly for the manifestation of your dreams.

  6. Dear Achint, Thank you for sharing that you are practicing and producing results that are beneficial to you. I feel fulfilled and satisfied and it was a wonderful opportunity to work with a group who are so self-motivated and receptive.
    Wish you all teh very best in everything you do and may you be blessed with ease, grace and excellence.
    Sure, I would love to be with you all. Pending that, I am enjoying the connection on this blog.