Saturday, November 26, 2011

Inner Healing

 This workshop happened after a long time - thanks to the initiative of Harini.
I have an axiom- the basis of all healing is inner. Mother said that ultimately, it is faith that heals. Faith is inner. One may choose many pathways, based on various aspects but healing happnes due to that faith.

Then what is inner healing?
It is pathway to overcome conditioning and develop faith by tapping into inner resources.
 This is a three and a half day retreat . The main objective is to develop three dimensions.

1. Balm for physical discomfort

2. Practices for inner cleansing -  let go toxic emotions , forgiveness etc.

3. Practices to systematically improve health, well being and explore the domain of being well.
 The workshop is hed in the blessed space of Savitrui Bhavan. There is something special here. We heard the saying 'Cleanliness is Godliness'. This is what struck me  first. I gradually tuned in to the energy behind the cleanliness and connected with the devotion of the team that has built and is instantiating Savitri Bhavan. I feel grateful and blessed to have the opportunity to be in this space to share my work.                        

                                                                     This retreat was also very special for me as my niece and nephew came form Hyderabad to participate in this retreat. I really enjoyed their presence and participation. Thank you, dear Kusuma and Prakash.

I am gartfeul to the participants for giving me an opportunity to offer this retreat and share the principles that are so close to my heart.

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