Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happiness Workshop: MILE Lab, IISc

Technical institutions in India are generally focused on technology. There may be some exceptions and even extraordinary oases that focus on all round development of students and staff. The Medical Intelligence and Language Engineering (MILE) Lab is such an oasis. The mission of the lab is “Create extraordinary technical leaders committed to excellence and contribution beyond technology”. http://mile.ee.iisc.ernet.in/mile/OurMotto.html
 The man behind this mission is Prof. AG Ramakrishna. I have the pleasure and privilege of knowing AGR (as he is fondly called) for more than a decade. He is a living example of excellence and holistic personal development in his own illustrious and eventful life.  To learn more about him, click on http://mile.ee.iisc.ernet.in/agr/index.htm
Earlier, AGR gave me a couple of opportunities to conduct workshops for the MILE team. 26th August 2011 was the lucky day for me to have a third such opportunity. I especially like to work with this team not only because it is well knit, young and enthusiastic team but also because it is privilege for me to share the time and space with team that gas vision, mission and goals that are very inspiring to me. I am thrilled to share tools and techniques for happiness. What more could I ask for than to contribute to the happiness of this team with such a great mission and be contributed to in this process?
There was considerable gap of more than a year from the last workshop to the one on 26th Aug. The team changed a lot- many students passed out and some project staff left to pursue career opportunities of their choice. It was great to meet some of the old friends in the MILE team and make new friends.  I particularly remember Shiva, Suresh and Deepak for their spontaneous participation and enriching the earlier workshops with their contributions. It was pleasure meeting them again. I was delighted to see Archana. She is now working in Chennai and came over to spend the week-end with her family. She decided to be at this full day workshop and i really enjoyed the gift of her presence. Meeting AGR is always a source of joy and inspiration for me and so it was this time.
The vent itself is one that I would remember for a long time. One of the things that I noticed is that people working in teams tend to be cautious in participating and sharing in workshops like this. The participation and sharing form this group is very satisfying and fulfilling to me and it was a great source for my growth. I realize that each event is like a game for me as I feel so intensely alive and focused on the conversations – being in the NOW. It was very fulfilling for me that every one of the MILE team had the courage and commitment to address real issues in their life. That made the event truly successful and useful for one and all.
 However, I was not present enough to take some pictures of this event that was so special for me. I hope to grow to be more present in the next workshop.
Please share how the event was for you and whether you are practicing.


  1. Hi JV,

    I should say that the workshop was truly useful. Of the many things you mentioned, the ideas of acting in the present (nothing to do with the past or the future) and we are the cause for our own actions are somethings that really stuck me. Thank you very much for doing this work shop and thanks to AGR sir for organizing this. I am trying to put most of these things that we discussed in to practice.


  2. Dear JV,

    This is Abhiram( the one whom you tried to hit that day!). I saw your blog
    post and I want to share with you what I got from that day.

    The first and foremost thing is, as I told you in the workshop itself, I
    came out of my shell to express my feelings spontaneously(which I was not
    doing before). From that day, I have lost that bit of that shyness which
    used to prevent me from speaking out loud. Thanks to you and AGR for that.

    The second, when I shared with you,AGR and the rest of the participants my
    cause for unhappiness, I felt very happy and realised the truth of the
    saying "Sorrow divides when shared". And also I am applying that method
    which you told, that 'stretch till it becomes ridiculous' method to get
    rid of my negative thoughts.

    I am sure I'll gain from it more and more as life goes on...